New teaching premises planned

New premises will be created by modifying or rearranging existing space. In addition, new premises have been planned on the west side of Linnanmaa along the present ATK-katu.

When the Oulu University of Applied Sciences comes to the Linnanmaa Campus in the autumn of 2020 the university will relinquish the facilities it has on the northern part of Linnanmaa, where the Faculty of Humanities (HUTK) and the Faculty of Education (KTK) are currently located. The University will relinquish the HUTK premises on 19 August 2018 and KTK's premises and teaching facilities on 16 December 2018.

New premises are needed for the teaching space that is being shut down. Some of the replacement space will come from existing facilities through various arrangements. Some will be built in connection with ongoing HUTK and KTK construction projects and some by modifying some of the office space on the first floor in the eastern part of Linnanmaa. A decision has been made on the basis of a teaching facility simulation, to start project planning for the construction of new teaching premises on the western side of Linnanmaa along the present ATK-katu.  The C project area for teaching premises on the east side of Linnanmaa will be kept as an allocation for the time being.

In March a simulation was completed to evaluate the adequacy of teaching premises of the Linnanmaa Campus for the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019. The result of the simulation was that about 20 teaching spaces with a capacity for 1530 people will be needed as a replacement. The basis of the sizing of the teaching premises is their use from Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. In addition to the teaching space, the need for computer classrooms and multimedia teaching space will be evaluated.

The aim of the measures will be to secure sufficient teaching space. The relinquishing of premises in the northern part will not affect teaching in the autumn of 2018 because the teaching premises in the northern part are not yet in use. In the interim period, and before the teaching premises of ATK-katu are completed, which is estimated to happen in the autumn of 2019, temporary arrangements for teaching facilities may be needed.

The teaching premises project for ATK-katu still requires a decision on construction by University Properties of Finland Ltd. (SYK) that is, a rental agreement. Project planning will begin immediately when SYK Ltd. has made a project planning decision, which is expected in May 2018.

The project process will be headed by a project developer consultant on behalf of SYK Ltd. A project planning group is to be set up for the project. Generally, such a group will continue as an actual planning group and often somewhat scaled back as a building site meeting group when the project is being implemented.

Representatives of groups using the premises as well as a student representative will be invited to join the project planning group. Also invited to help plan the teaching premises will be experts from the university as well as experts doing research on education. The planning will begin with workshops.

The university's joint services schedule group will expand on the simulation of teaching facilities in April when the teaching needs are known in greater detail. There is ample time for the additional details to be included in further planning.

Last updated: 16.4.2018