Theory and Philosophy of Education Research Group (TheorEd)

Faculty of Education

TheorEd contributes to UNDERSTANDING HUMANS IN CHANGE, one of the strategic research areas of the University of Oulu in analyzing, criticizing, and developing a theoretical and philosophical understanding of education. In order to answer the question “how can education promote and orientate humans in change in a sustainable manner”, The Theory and Philosophy of Education Research Group focuses particularly on the conditions of the processes of Bildung and growth as central to the development of individuality, productive citizenship and moral agency in contemporary plural and global societies. It approaches these questions from the perspectives of philosophical pragmatism and continental philosophy and seeks dialogue between these traditions. 

Research Topics:

  • Philosophical pragmatism and its contemporary educational significance;
  • The theory and philosophy of critical thinking;
  • Educational institutions and their role in modern and late modern societies.

More information:

Professor Katariina Holma,


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Last updated: 6.4.2019