Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET)

Faculty of Education

The Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) is committed to research in the learning sciences and technology-enhanced learning. The LET is internationally recognized for the theoretical advancement of socially shared regulation in learning and research on technology enhanced learning, as well as its use of process oriented research methods. The main LET research interests are: investigate learning and interaction processes with multimodal data in ecologically valid settings; promote 21st century learning skills and practices with advanced learning technologies and augment human learning and competence with multidisciplinary research and learning technologies development. The LET is actively collaborating with international leading experts in self-regulated learning, machine learning, learning analytics and affective computing in order to understand, make visible and support the mental invisible complex learning processes with the use of multimodal big data. LET is part of international EARLI Center for Innovative Research (E-CIR) in the field of “Measuring and supporting students’ self-regulated learning in adaptive educational technologies”.

The research infrastructure LeaForum: Learning and Interaction Observation Forum (See: http://www.oulu.fi/leaf/) at the University of Oulu provides a state-of-the-art experimentation context and space for maximally 30 people. Its MORE video system can simultaneously record 30 speech tracks and three video tracks through a spherical, 360-degree point of view. It is equipped with 30 Empatica skin galvanic sensors, eye tracking equipment, modern terminal devices (e.g., internet tablets, interactive video projectors, interactive tables and boards) and flexible fittings allow for providing different group situations.

Research Topics:

  • Investigating and promoting self-, co- and socially shared regulated learning (SRL) in solo and collaborative technology enhanced learning
  • Using multimodal methods in understanding complex processes of cognition, motivation and emotion in learning
  • Digitalization in teaching, learning and teacher education

More information:

Prof. Sanna Järvelä, sanna.jarvela@oulu.fi
Reserch group website: www.oulu.fi/let
Research blog: www.slamproject.org
Twitter: @LET_Oulu


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Last updated: 2.4.2020