Attention to creativity and inventions

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually on April 26. The event was established by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in 2000. Its purpose is to draw worldwide attention to the importance of creativity and inventions in promoting prosperity and well-being.

Intellectual property rights include for example copyright, patent and trademark.

Research outputs

At the University of Oulu dozens of inventions are made annually. Last year, their number was 47. Most inventions (66 %) was born in the faculty of information technology and electrical engineering.

University of Oulu’s goal is to exploit commercially the research results, which will bring economic benefits to the researcher, the University and the society.

Commercial exploitation of research results supports the research made at the University for example by bringing more external research funding. Last year, University of Oulu received Business Finland (previously Tekes) TUTLI (New knowledge and business from research ideas) funding for five different projects. The purpose of funding is generation of new research based business. 


At the University of Oulu following courses related to intellectual property rights will be arranged:

  • 3.5. Utilization of patent databases in research
  • 23.5. Ota tekijänoikeudet haltuun! (in Finnish)
  • 2.-3.10. IP Rights and research
  • 29.11. Patenttitietokantojen hyödyntäminen tutkimuksessa (in Finnish)

World Intellectual Property Day (26.4.) event (Innovoimalla vauhtia muutokseen) in Hämeenlinna

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Last updated: 23.4.2018