Linnanmaa shared campus progresses

Alakyläntie leading to Linnanmaa will be provided with bus lanes in both directions, and a cycle quality street will be built between Linnanmaa and the city centre.

Alakyläntie leading to Linnanmaa will be provided with bus lanes in both directions, and a cycle quality street will be built between Linnanmaa and the city centre. These are some of the concrete plans for developing the Linnanmaa area in preparation for the growing number or students and jobs in the area.

The bus lanes will be located between Järvitie and Linnanmaantie, and they will be two kilometres in length. Meanwhile, the cycle street will pass to the city centre via Alppila. A stretch of two kilometres will already improve the connection between Linnanmaa and Tervahovintie later this year, and a stretch of three kilometres from Tervahovintie to Kaarlenväylä will be completed next year. In the centre, the route will join the Pakkahuoneenkatu cycle street.

In practice, the cycle street is a high-quality cycling lane marked with red asphalt. The route will be widened, and lighting, signposting and maintenance will be improved.

Oulu will also receive city bikes in 2019.

Competition proposals are refined into a plan

The Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju area will be developed on the basis of an international competition organised last year. The visionary plans included, for instance, hybrid buildings and either an open forum or a megastructure composed next to the university. The hybrid buildings designed to replace the current parking areas had themes such as sauna, sports, a greenhouse, daycare, commerce, a public transport centre, labs and cooperation, as well as parking. In one proposal, the university would be adjoined by another megastructure, a housing machine. In the three-storey base part, different types of buildings from a single-family house to small multi-storey buildings would be interspersed with light traffic routes.

The city's web query on the development of the area is open to everyone until 27 May. Read more here.  According to City Planning Architect Eini Vasu, workshops about the planning alternatives will be organised in November. The local authority committee will receive the outline plan for approval either in March or April 2019.

Aiming at fast public transport

Public transport will facilitate access to Linnanmaa. A transferless bus connection between Kontinkangas and Linnanmaa will be provided, and there will be fast connections from southern Oulu to Linnanmaa along the motorway. The renovation of the motorway, Pohjantie, as well as a capacity increase will continue at least until the end of 2019.

The city has promised to provide an update of the line plans in June.

At Oulu University on 3 May a Linnanmaa Campus idea day took place, which was organised mainly by the Student Union.

You can follow the Linnanmaa Campus news on social media with tags #LinnanmaanKampus and #LinnanmaaCampus.


The future of Linnanmaa campus is planned in three working groups with the following chairpersons:

Group for land use plan: chairperson City Planning Architect Anne Olsbo

Traffic group: chairperson Oulu City Engineer Pasi Heikkilä

Image work group: Oamk Communications Manager Anne-Maria Haapala

Steering group: chairperson Oulu City Director of Urban and Environmental Services Matti Matinheikki

Last updated: 17.5.2018