Academy of Finland gives EUR 5.9 million to support the profiling of the University of Oulu

Academy of Finland has made funding decisions aimed at supporting the profiling of university research. University of Oulu received almost six million euros in funding for its strategic research themes “Joint development of human abilities and smart technologies” and “Humans and eco-friendly multidisciplinary arctic research”.

Vice Rector for Research at the University of Oulu Taina Pihlajaniemi is delighted that the international panel of experts deemed the application of the University of Oulu as the third best in the funding round. The international team praised the university’s multidisciplinary approach in particular, and claimed that it brings significant added value to the research and strengthens the implementation of the strategy.

“We must thank the persons who prepared our application, especially professor Pentti Haddington from the Faculty of Humanities and Bjørn Kløve from the Faculty of Technology and their comprehensive preparation teams.”

“In the selection of the Human and technology theme we wanted to strengthen the ability of humans to work in a world that is rapidly becoming more and more technology-oriented, and to promote the development of sophisticated technology in a way that takes humans as users into account. This is a very topical theme and adds significant value to the previously chosen theme which focuses on the profiling of wireless features and censoring, and to our new 6G flag ship,” explains Pihlajaniemi.

“In relation to our second research theme, the University of Oulu carries out research related to arctic matters in all our focus areas, and we are strongly connected to international operations in the field, including the University of the Arctic. Now we wanted to promote the multidisciplinary research on this topic and the new openings made in the field.”

The profiling funds granted by the Academy of Finland are aimed at supporting the development of research areas chosen by universities based on their strategies, improving the prerequisites for top-level research, and supporting co-operation and work distribution between universities. This was the fourth time that a total of EUR 50 million in funding was granted to twelve universities. The four-year appropriations vary from EUR 400,000 to EUR 14 million.

New research projects

The profiling funds granted by the Academy of Finland will be used to initiate a GenZ project led by the human sciences of the University of Oulu, which will be participated in by researchers from five different faculties. The project is aimed at investigating how the operations and abilities of people can be strengthened in the rapidly changing world. The project will focus in particular on finding ways to promote the skills, co-operation, learning and ethical activities of people in a world that is rapidly growing more and more digitalised and technology-oriented. With the funding received from the Academy of Finland it is possible to recruit several professors and form a research team. The funding also creates a possibility to involve the extensive and skilled research community of the human sciences in the work towards answering the questions formulated in the project and, consequently, to promote transdisciplinary research at the University of Oulu.

Secondly, the profiling funds will be used to launch a multidisciplinary Arctic Interactions (ArcI) project aimed at studying global changes in the arctic environment. The project investigates the interaction between the arctic natural environment, humans and urban environment in the changing world. With the funding it is possible to recruit several professors and to form a research team. ArcI forms a multidisciplinary and internationally significant research environment which strengthens the range of research carried out at the University of Oulu.

Academy of Finland announces decisions on funding to support research profiling at Finnish universities  (24 May 2018)


Last updated: 28.5.2018