TUTLI-breakfast brought together researchers interested in commercialization of research results

Innovation Services arranged at 14th June "TUTLI Breakfast" -networking event. Over 30 researchers participated.

The aim of event was to bring together researchers who are currently working in TUTLI-projects or are planning to apply Business Finland´s TUTLI-funding. It was possible to hear experiences e.g. how to find business experts to projects, when it is correct time to establish a company and how big the project budget can be.

Jukka Kortelainen, Chief Medical Officer and  Founder of Cerenion and Janne Haverinen, Professor of Practice at Univ. Oulu and Founder & Board member of IndoorAtlas told from their pathways from researcher to entrepreneur. In both cases the original findings were purely academic. Litlle by little it was found out that they could have commercial potential.

Cerenion´s story started as a TUTLI-project whereas IndoorAtlas´s origin was at that time when small tests could be done with TULI funding which was granted from Tekes to University.