Academy of Finland funding for 21 Academy projects, 6 Academy Research Fellows and 9 Postdoctoral researchers in the University of Oulu

The Academy of Finland has published funding decisions of Academy projects, Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral researchers on the research areas of Biosciences and Environment, Culture and Society, Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Health. The funding was granted from 1 September 2018 onwards.

Academy project funding was granted altogether 8.8 million euros for 21 generally 4-year research projects. In addition, 2.2 and 2.7 million euros were granted to six 5-year Academy Research Fellows and nine 3-year Postdoctoral researchers, respectively.

Academy project funding was granted among others to research projects modelling permafrost thaw and remobilisation sites of Arctic soil organic carbon under climate change, exploring the importance and interactive effects of intensified land use on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and inspecting the background and the conditions of emergence, development and social and scientific significance of birth cohort studies. Funding was granted also for brain imaging research, and research considering the vulnerabilities of biometric authentication technologies to spoofing attacks and developing effective and innovative solutions for circumventing them.

Academy Research Fellows´ research topics include among others antipsychotics medicine, utilization of carbon nanotubes in neural tissue engineering, and evolutionary consequences of urbanisation.

Postodoctoral researchers´ topics include among others research on the politics of knowledge production, the production of global citizenship and the encountering of difference, geopolymer technology in disinfection and treatment of water and wastewater, and co-design processes of urban AI design in smart cities.


Academy projects starting 1 September 2018

Mehdi Bennis: Towards massive, low-latency and proactive wireless networks

Abdenour Hadid: Visual Multi-Modal Biometrics Under Spoofing Attacks

Heini Hakosalo: Lives over time: Birth cohort studies as a form of scientific knowledge-production

Aulikki Herneoja: Spatial Solutions for Environmental Satisfaction, Well-being and Work Engagement in Activity-based Offices. Space, lighting and acoustics supporting flexible working and workspace choice

Reetta Hinttala: Role of NHLRC2 in Developing Central Nervous System

Jan Hjort: Spatial ensemble prediction of permafrost thaw, soil carbon and ground-ice in the Arctic

Jari Juuti: Electromechanical Biomaterial based Transducers

Alexander Kastaniotis: Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Synthesis in Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Cellular Function and Neurodegenerative Disease

Juha Kostamovaara: Single photon detection based 2D/3D ranging in high background illumination conditions

Petri Kursula: GDAP1 - an enigmatic enzyme linked to inherited peripheral neuropathy

Timo Muotka: Stream biodiversity change: disentangling the effects of multiple anthropogenic drivers on riverine ecosystems

Marko Mutanen: Advancing the genomic revolution of species delimitation

Teemu Myllylä: Advanced sensing of water during brain tumor radiotherapy and in neuro-oncologic multimodal MRI

Anne Remes: Identification of pathogenic mechanisms and new biomarker and druggable candidates in frontotemporal dementia using patient-derived skin fibroblasts and neurons

Lloyd Ruddock: Structural studies on basement membrane proteins

Juha Tuunainen: Societally Engaged University: Observing Hybridity in University Organization

Seppo Vainio: Wnt-mediated Kidney Tubule Induction – the Role of Secreted Extracellular Vesicles as Putative Morphogens

Heikki Vanhamäki: Ionospheric currents during geomagnetic storms and substorms

Jeffrey Welker: High-resolution Arctic water isotope (d18O & d2H) cycles record and reveal sea ice-atmosphere-hydrologic (SIAH) interactions

Robert Winqvist: Hereditary breast cancer predisposition: factors, cellular mechanisms and disease modeling

Guoying Zhao: Micro-gesture analysis with machine learning for hidden emotion understanding


Academy Research Fellows 1 September 2018 - 31 August 2023

Erika Jääskeläinen: Beneficial and harmful effects of antipsychotics in psychoses and off-label use

Sami Kivelä: Evolutionary consequences of urbanization

Gabriela Lorite Yrjänä: Injectable scaffold based on carbon nanotube alignment via magnetic field for guided neural tissue engineering

Matti Silveri: Many-body localization and dissipation in arrays of superconducting transmon devices

Denzil Teixeira Ferreira: SENSATE: Entropy-AWARE Instrumentation for Just-In-Time Anomalous Human Behaviour Interventions

Meng Wu: Rigid properties of fractal sets and measures, and applications


Academy of Finland Postdoctoral researchers 1.9.2018 - 31.8.2021

Pertti Ala-aho: Where does water go when snow melts? New spatio-temporal resolution in stable water isotopes measurements to inform cold climate hydrological modelling

Satu Inkinen: X-ray Multi-energy Musculoskeletal Imaging Techniques Using Spectral Photon Counting Detectors

Tero Luukkonen: Functional geopolymers and peracids in disinfection and advanced oxidation of water and wastewater

Anna Luusua: Experiencing Artificial Intelligence in the Smart City: Co-creating applications for urban life

Yu Fu Hung: Structural and functional studies on the Plasmodium glideosome complex

Piia Näykki: Emotions in collaborative learning – Observing and supporting emotion regulation in teacher education context

Johanna Sitomaniemi-San: Dividing the World through Wonder: How We Became Curious

Petr Stepanek: Nuclear magneto-optic spectroscopy

Evgenii Zherebtsov: Flexible Dynamic Light Scattering Blood Perfusion Matrix Sensor


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Last updated: 20.6.2018