Faculty of Humanities moves into new premises one crate at a time

The Faculty of Humanities’ move is in its final stages. Most users seem happy with their new premises.

The Faculty of Humanities is moving to new premises from the north end of the Linnanmaa campus. Premises have been renovated for the faculty on the third floor of corridors J and K. In addition to staff, the humanities students’ Guild Rooms and the Humus cafe will move, in their case to a new location on the first floor of Geokatu.

Dean of Education and Professor of Finnish language Harri Mantila, who is coordinating the move, cannot yet breathe a sigh of relief. Installation engineers, furnishers, movers and staff are still weaving between crates in the corridors. Although the final renovation touches are still needed in some of the rooms, many people have been able to start the new academic year in their new working facilities.

"The move has gone well, by and large. We can settle in here," says Mantila, who has earned the unofficial title of ‘Field Marshal of the Move’.

Humus cafe has new furniture

“Only some machines have yet to be installed in the new Humus cafe,” says Heidi Halkola, employee and manager of Humus. Humus will probably open in the third week of August. According to Halkola, the move has gone well and the general framework is in order. "The new kitchen looks great. We’ll no longer need to bump into things, since the kitchen is palatial in size," jokes Halkola.

The student associations of the Faculty of Humanities will share three Guild Rooms located next to Humus. Science Communication student Heli Paaso-Rantala is delighted with the bright and spacious feel of the Guild Rooms, and the number of power sockets. On the other hand, she characterises the Faculty’s new facilities as labyrinthine. "I’m a little worried about how we’ll manage to find our teachers."

Logopedics student Miriam Putula looks forward to using the new therapy facilities. "They are modern and meet the needs of students. The monitoring rooms and fifth therapy room will be needed." Putula believes that the new Guild rooms will be comfortable. "Cooperation between the student associations has gone well," she says.

The renovation of the Faculty of Education’s premises will be completed in November and its move will begin in December. The Oulun ylioppilaslehti published an article on the move in early August.


Last updated: 14.8.2018