If you are passionate about technology and startups, like me, Oulu is the cherry on the cake

Oulu may look a bit intimidating at first, I won’t deny. Especially if you’re like me, used to living in a tropical climate the whole life, never experiencing temperatures below +8°C. I was googling hard to be sure I can survive the long, dark Arctic winter. Then the line got me: “Arctic Attitude”.

I immediately took a decision. I chose Oulu. I was also selected to two other universities in Finland for a Master’s but neither of them threw out challenges to me like Oulu did. Intimidating figures like -30°C suddenly looked like an invitation towards an incredible journey. Getting outside my comfort zone, trying new things seemed to be part of the daily life.

Finland offers one of the best education systems in the world, as is widely known. What Oulu offers more, is a unique combination of education and cultural life. Everyone is busy with something they’re passionate about. Moreover, you’re not the only one excited about your passion. The university is excited too, and will keep surprising you with many different opportunities. Brightly lit corridors and classrooms are filled with new ideas and discussions, and inspire you to do more. Just in case that's not enough, Tellus is always there. The lively living room of our campus, full of life and inspiration. Take a nap in Nest or grab a coffee and seat with someone to share your next big idea. Tellus never ceases to surprise me.

If you are passionate about technology and startups, like me, Oulu is the cherry on the cake. My background is in Computer Science and I am always looking for new business ideas. With ventures like Business KitchenPolar Bear PitchingDemola — I always feel connected with my passion, and never too far from life-changing opportunities. It’s so easy to find like-minded people, even if they are from another part of the world. Things may seem a bit overwhelming sometimes, but taking a sauna bath or watching Northern Lights above the frozen lakes does the charm. I feel relaxed and prepared for the next day.

As student of a highly reputed research university, I also need to keep my studies on track. Counselors, course coordinators and teachers are there to help me anytime. My degree program is Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment, and it has a strong emphasize on practical experience as well as theories. We are developing a unique technical leadership skill on a global scale, which will prepare us to build a career in any international IT organization.

When I look back now, after six months in Oulu, I cannot help but smile. Coming to Oulu was the best decision of my life.

I am Hasan from Bangladesh, and this was my story. Accept my warm greetings and join us!

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Last updated: 22.6.2020