All information for students will be available in one place on the university’s website

Starting from 3 September, all digital content for students can be found in one place online. The new site will be concisely called ‘For students’, and a link to it will be added in the top navigation bar of the university’s website.

The amount of overlapping content and repetition will be reduced, and the style of presentation will be made more unified and student-friendly.

The reform will progress in phases. In the first version, the site will include thematically organised general information involving all students. In addition, the site will contain all current information relevant to students, as well as quick links to the students’ central online tools.

During the autumn, more content will be added, providing the students with more personalised information about their degree programme.

The new ‘For students’ site will replace the current ‘Studying’-section of the university’s website. The ‘Studying’-section will be removed from the website later this year. 

The goal of the reform is to make the students’ experience better and more consistent. Instructions relating to studying and general support materials can be easily accessed, and the students will find answers to study-related questions either in the online materials or through clear channels to the appropriate contact. Current information relevant to students can also be found in one place, on the front page of the ‘For students’ section.

All feedback and suggestions for further development are very welcome!



Last updated: 30.8.2018