Building work of Tellus Kontinkangas begins

Tellus at the Kontinkangas campus will be ready by Fall 2019.

The premises of Aapistie 7A, at the Kontinkangas Campus, are going to be renovated. Tellus Kontinkangas will be ready by Fall 2019. It will be located on the first three floors near the lobby area. Renovation begins in October 2018 and will be carried out in three stages, so that the services and spaces are available for use during the renovation only with partial limitations.

Aapistie 7A lobby area will become a versatile MEETING POINT for students, staff, partners and other stakeholders. The lobby will be more spacious after the walls around the coat racks are removed. The area will be refurnished in a modern way and will include a stage area for public presentations. Moreover, the place will have information screens and other IT equipment at your disposal. The main goal of this renovation is to create an easy to use flexible and diverse environment, which will help facilitate the learning and development of all the University’s stakeholders. Tellus Kontinkangas will be a versatile space able to accommodate both large scale events, seminars and exhibitions, as well as individual meetings and small groups.

Next to the main entrance will be a CAFÉ serving drinks, snacks and salads. Next to the lecture hall, there will be a space for bigger events and a STAGE that can be used as a study area when there are no events happening. The BALCONY on the second floor is designed to meet the needs of students doing group work. The balcony will have desks, which overlook the main floor, where you can work as well as follow events taking place downstairs. THE MAIN COMMON AREA in the lobby will serve as a platform for innovation, entrepreneurial and cooperation activities. These services will therefore now be easily available in Kontinkangas.

The LIBRARY will have a new door leading to the main common area to ease access to the library. On the first floor of the library, there will be work stations for small groups and a PLACE FOR BRAINSTORMING, which has space enough for 20 people. The second floor of the library will have a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. In the middle of second floor will be a PLACE FOR RELAXATION designed for resting, comfy reading and meditation. The library books will remain on the second floor. Spaces for GROUP WORK AND RELAXATION will be built in such a way that it enhances cooperation and insulates sound. Another MEETING ROOM for 20 people will be situated on the same floor. A new doorway will connect the library and balcony to ease movement between these areas. At the balcony, there will be a new service point ACADEMIC AFFAIRS.

THE COMPUTER ROOM in the ground floor will remain a place for lectures and studying. The wall between these two rooms will be replaced with a foldable wall so that the two rooms can be made into one upon request. CityLab, will be where the guild room and loading area are now. A BREAK ROOM FOR STAFF and the GUILD ROOM will be moved to the current premises of CityLab. Moreover, IT SERVICES and storage will also be located in the ground floor  area. The SILENT STUDY AREA will stay where it is now, but the requirements of a quiet working space will be taken into account when furnishing it.



Last updated: 14.9.2018