Science and rap music in the Researchers´ Night

Researchers´ Night, open science event for all ages, will open the doors to the source of science in Linnanmaa at the University of Oulu on 28 September at 5–9 pm. There will be a wide setting of research of the University for example novel uses of light, mummy study, big and small bugs. The programme offers interesting content everyone: workshops, lectures, presentations and panel discussion. The Night will end in a rap concert by SOFA.The event will be arranged for the third time now at the University of Oulu.

The theme in the European wide Researchers´ Night this year is traces. The subject of research is for example the traces left in the world by the human being. At the University of Oulu, the researchers of the history will discuss the traces of which the civil war 1918 left in the nation.

As novelties, there will be a lecture on birth of the universe, on dark material and energy, energy future and the 5G adventure in which 360° real time video from the other side of the world can be experienced over the 5G test network. In the event, there will be also memory materials and new methods of the swamp protection. Greenhouses Romeo and Julia in the botanical garden are reformed and open to the public for the first time. Transport from the campus to the garden is arranged from the 2T door by city train Potnapekka!

The most popular workshops will be here this year, too. Dragsters workshop for racecar tuners and drag race, making paper and cellulose from wood fibres and workshop on archaeology are in the programme. The children can read to reading dog and cat also this time.

There is a preliminary enrolment to some of the workshops. To join the workshop on mummy research, there will be a registration list on the door of the workshop premises. The registration to the Dragsters workshop is electric

The rap duo SOFA will end the evening in Agora with a blast.

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory and the Kajaani University Consortium arrange programme on the Researchers´ Night.

The events are open and free of charge.

The Researchers' Night at the University of Oulu

National Researchers´ Night network

The Researchers' Night is spent in 11 cities in Finland and with more than 300 European towns at the same time. The European Researchers’ Night project is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, contract number 817987.


Photo: In the Researchers´ Night in 2017 visitors designed and made antennae out of aluminium cans to gain wireless access to the Internet. Photo: Juha Sarkkinen


Last updated: 20.9.2018