Project of the Faculty of Education

In connection with changes at the Faculty of Education, unrenovated facilities are undergoing basic renovation and being made fit for purpose. The office facilities are located on the first and second floors and the teaching facilities on the ground floor. In addition, guild facilities are located on the first floor.

The office facilities covered by the project are being combined into multi-purpose facilities and work rooms for more than one person. The multi-purpose concept can be implemented on the first floor, thanks to the facilities being renovated completely. The office facilities on the second floor are located in the area that was renovated in 2009 as laboratory and office space for chemistry. The laboratory space will be turned into an office (the west side of the corridor). Only some changes required by electric power and ventilation are being made in the offices on the east side of the corridor.

The first floor includes special teaching facilities, the day care centre, the guild café and the multi-purpose lobby space, which enables the arranging of teaching, seminars and other similar events as well as independent work by students. The LeaF research and teaching facilities are also on the first floor. A spectator platform is planned between the ground floor and the first floor to combine the faculty’s facilities into a functional and visually pleasing whole.

Timetable: The construction work will be finished on 30 October 2018, and the facilities will be introduced into use starting from the turn of the year 2018/2019.

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Last updated: 25.9.2018