1st floor of Virransilta out of use 17.10.-20.11.2018

The construction site of restaurant FooDoo causes changes to Virransilta 1st floor by blocking the passage to the north starting from 17.10.2018. The 2nd floor of Virransilta and Väylä should be used instead (figure 1).


Elevators and stairs in the south side of Virransilta are in use. Also, stairs and elevator in the north opposite to the Restaurant Mara can be used. Elevator in the library can be used within the library’s opening hours. Elevator in the north side of Virransilta is out of use.


Virransilta and Väylä will be in normal use starting from 20.11.2018.


Figure 1. Guide map.


We apologize for the inconvenience and special arrangements.


More info:

KTC Group Oy, Contractor Sami Hyvärinen, p. 040 754 3698

Rakennuttajatoimisto Promen Oy, Project engineer Kaisa Vehkaperä

Last updated: 15.10.2018