Fully enjoying the Linnanmaa campus and Oulu

My name is Mustafa Mashud Choudhury. I am studying in the Master’s programme in Wireless Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu.

Finland is a clean and calm country, and the same attributes apply to Oulu. Oulu is in the North, just 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. I like the city for its architecture, nature, lakes, and people. For someone like me with an interest in photography and cycling, Oulu is an awesome place due to its views and cycling routes. I also like snow falls that I experienced here for the first time.

I have classes around four days a week and the weeks go by fast. Identifying problems and figuring a way to solve them are a key element in my classes. Teachers can always be asked for help; they are supportive, polite and I feel they are always smiling.

The Linnanmaa campus layout is marvelous as all buildings are connected to each other. In the Tellus Innovation Arena I study and gossip with friends, and for the same purposes I can also go to the Guild room for students in my field. In the Pegasus library I study and search for books form the huge collection. Fab Lab is also important to me; it is a small digital manufacturing working area or a fabrication laboratory where I (or anybody) can design models, products or hardware from the scratch. The Botanical Garden is a lovely surrounding to go, take a walk and relax. These places are some examples of what makes me like the Linnanmaa campus so much.

During the weekends, I see my friends, we cook together or organise a party. I have made friends of many international and Finnish students even if I do not find meeting new people easy. I feel people here are always nice to me.  

I was bit homesick at the beginning. Day by day, I felt more at home. My personal adjustment plan was to meet new people, stay at the university every day for as long I could, and also party with any new friends I make. I can say this combination has worked for me. Now that I am in my second year of studies, I am fully enjoying Oulu.

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Last updated: 25.6.2020