Construction work at the old KTK begins - entrances and parking areas out of use

The University Properties of Finland builds premises for the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Linnanmaa campus 2018-2020. Building of the former Biology and Humanities premises and new maintenance center begun earlier in 2018. Construction work on the former Faculty of Education premises starts on 2 January 2019. Construction work progresses as scheduled. Building of the new restaurant hall to the former premises of the zoological museum starts during spring 2019.

The construction site of the OUAS premises at the north end of the campus will be fenced from 16 December 2018 onwards. Parking areas and bicycle racks in the area will be out of use during the construction work. Cars and bikes can be parked elsewhere on the campus. Some entrances at the north end of the campus will be out of use. Entrances near the Pegasus library can be used during renovation. East-West trespassing through Virransilta is prohibited.

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Last updated: 17.12.2018