TUTLI-breakfast: Visibility in important role for commercialization

Innovation Services arranged at 17th December "TUTLI Breakfast" -networking event. Over 30 researchers participated.

The aim of event was to bring together researchers who are currently working in TUTLI-projects or are planning to apply Business Finland´s TUTLI-funding.

Sami Huttunen and Anri Kivimäki, founders of AISpotter told that it is important to get visibility already during TUTLI-project. They participated to several international events as well as to accelerator programs. AISpotter was the outcome of the TUTLI-project.

Harri Koskimäki, founder of Capicon, introduced their services as well as their product WeBuust that can be used to strenghen the business case.

The Breakfast was sponsored by Greip whose product Greip, IP management tool is used by University of Oulu for e.g. making invention disclosures.