How to market your events on the hallways of Linnanmaa

Do you know where you can hang posters? What services do Services Officers (virastomestarit) offer in organizing events? To ensure public safety and cleanliness, the Oulu University Facility Services reminds us of the following practical arrangements.

If you want to make printed posters of your event, please remember that printed advertising materials may only be hung to the poster walls and bulletin boards.

When organizing an event at the campus area the organizers must sometimes put up signs related to the events. Services Officers have small portable stands that can be used for displaying guidance and signs to the event.

It is not allowed to store roll ups on the hallways of the university. Services Officers will collect the unnecessary roll ups from the corridors by the end of February.

You can keep university-related presentations and ticketing tables for events on the campus. All presentation and sales tables must always be reserved from the Service Officers. You can reserve them by contacting the Service Officers by email or contacting the information desk on the main lobby.

Non-university vendors, as well as religious and political organizers, are instructed to reserve a separate paid room. The events should not interfere with other university activities.


Reservation and sales desk booking and other queries:
p. 0294 483007

Last updated: 21.2.2019