Uusi brändiprofessuuri vahvistaa yritysten brändiosaamista ja kilpailukykyä; Oulun yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu

New professorship in Brand Marketing enhances the branding expertise and competitiveness of companies

The University of Oulu has decided to establish a professorship in Brand Marketing, earmarking its funding for a five-year period (2019–2024). The professorship enhances the branding expertise and competitiveness of companies.

The objective of this professorship is to promote Finland's competitiveness and opportunities for company success. At this time, the professorship is the only one of its kind in Finland.

”The brand marketing professorship is a perfect addition to the current educational offering at the Oulu Business School and it suits our research profile very well. Hopefully, the professorship will also pave the way for deeper academic co-operation at the international level," says Oulu Business School Dean Mikko Puhakka.

The new professorship will further enhance and establish brand research already underway at the Oulu Business School. Taking regional needs into consideration, the research has focused on the challenges faced by SMEs, particularly technology companies.

The professorship is being placed in the field of brand marketing and, more specifically, within the Department of Marketing, Management and International Business.

"Our goal is to establish co-operation between funding actors and the University and strengthen brand management by combining the expertise of companies with the research and teaching work of the professorship. Research is also further enhanced by the fact that graduates from the University would have a stronger background in brand building and development in companies," explains Professor Pauliina Ulkuniemi.

Since 2011, seven doctoral theses have been completed at the Oulu Business School, and research results have been published in numerous international scientific journals.

Funding needed for establishment of the professorship comes from endowments allocated to the Oulu Business School and directly to the professorship itself. The donors are the City of Oulu/BusinessOulu, Arina Co-operative Society, Partnera Oy and the Oulu Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Foundation for Economic Education, Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and Finnish Business School Graduates, among others, have provided support for business research and education. A portion of this endowment capital is being allocated for establishment of this professorship.

The process of filling the post has begun and the call for applications is directed at both the Finnish and international scientific community. The mandate of the professorship in brand marketing is based on research, education and social impact. Research and education are strongly linked to the interplay of practice and theory. A key focal point of the professorship is to enhance the connection between education and research and the business sector.

Last updated: 25.2.2019