Women Shaping the Future of ICT

ICT industry needs women's skills and knowledge now more than ever. University of Oulu has many women doing research on the field, being fantastic role models for girls interested in computers, electronics, and programming.

Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, microelectronics, wireless communication, 5G and now even 6G are shaped by these bright and skillful women. Check out who they are and what they do, and get to know some of our students studying ICT.

27.11.2017 Researcher

Marja Matinmikko-Blue

20.11.2018 Researcher

Susanna Pirttikangas

20.3.2018 Researcher

Xiaobai Li

20.3.2018 Researcher

Guoying Zhao

25.9.2017 Researcher

Gabriela S. Lorite

4.6.2018 Researcher

Merja Teirikangas

1.12.2017 Researcher

Eija Ferreira

7.12.2017 Researcher

Xiaoli Liu

22.1.2019 Researcher

Bidushi Barua

1.12.2017 Researcher

Satu Tamminen

23.11.2017 Researcher

Johanna Vartiainen

1.12.2017 Researcher

Heli Koskimäki

Why Women Choose ICT

More and more students in ICT are women as the industry offers great career opportunities. According to analysts from Macquarie Bank, Oulu is one of the 13 places where the world's best and brightest tend to cluster to work in different areas of cutting edge technology. That makes ICT studies at the University of Oulu a natural choice for many women around the world. Meet some of them now.