Cosmic-Ray Research team invited to AMS-02-collaboration for search of dark matter from the space

The Cosmic-Ray research team of the University of Oulu has been invited to join, from 2019 onwards, a large and famous international research collaboration called AMS-02, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which is the most sophisticated modern space-borne cosmic-ray experiment.


AMS-02 is a 8.5-ton spectrometer, installed onboard the International Space Station (ISS), orbiting the Earth. AMS-02 was installed on May 2011. By today it has recorded over 130 billions of cosmic-ray particles.

The main aim of the collaboration is experimental search for dark matter and anti-matter directly in space, beyond the Earth´s atmosphere. This addresses fundamental questions of space physics, astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics.

The team of the University of Oulu includes Prof. Ilya Usoskin and Dr. Stepan Poluianov, affiliated with the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory and the Space Climate Research Unit. The team was invited to join the collaboration because of the top expertise in solar modulation of cosmic rays, which is important for a correct interpretation of the obtained results.

”The collaboration will offer us participation in the cutting-edge modern space experiment, direct access to the experimental data with an opportunity to perform a breakthrough research and a unique experience in the state-of-art experiment data analysis”, says Prof. Usoskin. Besides the research related to the top-level science, the team will also contribute to the data-taking shifts in CERN.

The collaboration is led by a Nobel Laureate in Physics, Prof. Samuel C.C. Ting and hosted by two world-leading institutions, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02 installed onboard the International Space Station.



Last updated: 28.3.2019