Interact: Human Computer Interaction and Human Centered Development

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

INTERACT Research Unit focuses on understanding and strengthening human-centered design and digitalization. The interest is on how digitalization is transforming our everyday life, work, organizations, industry, business, and society. We examine participatory design, user-centered design, value co-creation, user driven innovation and human interaction with and through digital technology in various everyday life contexts. Approaches that place emphasis on people’s empowerment and inclusion in the shaping and making of their digital futures are of interest. Overall, we aim at exploring and enabling novel, emerging and empowering forms of human-centered design and digitalization. 

Research topics:

  • Digital transformation of the taxi industry (process, impact, policy)
  • Social aspects of on-demand transportation (including MaaS)
  • Empowering children through technology design and making
  • Understanding and strengthening people’s empowerment and inclusion in designing, shaping, innovating and co-creating digital technology
  • New, emerging forms of innovation, participation, design and/or Making of digital technology
  • Impact of digitalization on humans, organizations, society

More information:
Professor Netta Iivari,


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Last updated: 6.4.2020