Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit

Faculty of Technology

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit (www.oulu.fi/water) research covers a broad area of expertise including hydrology, water resources engineering, energy systems research and various aspects of environmental sciences. Our research unit is a multinational and interdisciplinary group of 50 researchers and PhD candidates working in a modern, up-to-date research environment. The unit is a leading hub for understanding complex interactions related to land-water-energy management and finding ways for a more sustainable future. It has strong groups on northern hydrology, peatland hydrology, hydrosystems engineering, natural based systems in water treatment and energy systems research.    

Research topics:

  • Water resources
  • Hydrology
  • Cold climate
  • Land use
  • Energy
  • Nexus
  • Modelling

More information:

Professor Bjørn Kløve, bjorn.klove@oulu.fi



Last updated: 6.4.2020