University of Oulu, 2017

Anniversary gifts benefit students and young researchers

The 60th anniversary of the University of Oulu is celebrated in 2019. The anniversary gifts will be used in the benefit of students and young researchers. We offer each student high-quality degree programs, smooth studying processes and modern learning environments. We support our talented researchers as they grow into stellar scientists.

Anniversary gifts will be used to support students and young researchers via following activities:

  • Learning environments
    Anniversary donations will help to develop digitalized learning environments that support independent study on a 24/7 campus.
  • Exchange programmes for students and researchers
    Our organizational culture promotes internationalization. Our degree programmes include well-structured placement opportunities that support exchange studies or training periods abroad. International mobilization is important for young researchers in order to develop the quality of their research and proceed on their academic career.
  • Tenure track procedure
    We use the tenure track procedure to recruit new principal investigators to strengthen our strategic research programs.
  • Start up packages for post-doctoral researchers 
    Start up package supports researchers in setting up a research group, fulfilling their scientific ambitions and advancing in their academic career.  Package may include equipment, personnel expenditure of doctoral students or possibility to work simultaneuosly at another university or research institute.

Last updated: 23.5.2019

Donate for the Next Generation

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