University of Oulu, 2019

Research for Sustainability

At the University of Oulu, topics related to sustainable development are being researched from diverse points of view. Our research strengths are around

  • sustainable and responsible use of natural resources,
  • bio and circular economy,
  • cleantech,
  • the effect of environmental factors on human health,
  • research on the changing environment at the Arctic and Subarctic climate and  
  • the effects of globalization and environmental change on human interaction and societies.

University of Oulu has an interdisciplinary research hub, InStreams Hub, which aims to anticipate challenges in sustainable value chains and find out clean production ecosystems for inorganic side streams. Environmental sustainability is being researched in many projects in collaboration with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Below you can find examples on research related to sustainable development done on different focus areas of the University of Oulu.

Digital solutions in sensing and interactions

Earth and near-space system and environmental change