Every activity I engage in on campus has contributed to my life positively

Ojuolape Oludipe
International Business Management
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My name is Ojuolape Oludipe. I am a second-year student in the Department of International Business Management, Oulu Business School. My flair for business has been my pushing drive. My goal is to strive to be different. Getting to know about the University of Oulu, it seemed extremely advanced for me but applying for the International Business Management (IBM) course has been a challenge worth taking. With mixed emotions, I decided to further my education by doing this Master’s programme. I became more and more attracted to the programme after applying, as my retail business in Nigeria needed a new model to become more developed. I wanted a deeper knowledge and understanding of various kinds of businesses, how they were managed and their development process especially from the view of developed countries. I was certain IBM had so many interesting things to unveil to me. My expectations were not cut short, I was wowed indeed.

Starting my academic year was quite challenging. A pristine environment, a different culture, exceptional educational background… it all looked like a mirage to me. I wanted to go back home. The beginning was more challenging than I thought it would be and I suddenly felt inferior in all wise. But then, I thought of my purpose of coming here: I wanted to be different and stand out.

The quiet nature of the Finnish people made learning easier for me, with a shy smile from unknown people I felt my day would be great. I was highly optimistic, through student organizations like AIESEC my social life became better, I have gained due knowledge useful for my business and I have better ideas of internationalizing. Every moment feels like one less day to get to the top. Every activity I engage in on campus has contributed to my life positively. I hope to discover more interesting facts, knowledge, and fun.

Oulu has given me a reason to dig more for better things. The city of Oulu has beautiful sceneries and infrastructures, with the famous Toripolliisi, which is my favorite monument in the city center. In a way, it had a mixture of ancient and modern structures which made me feel at home.

Last updated: 17.1.2019