Teamwork in an international classroom

I am Pablo, a first year Learning, Education and Technology (LET) Master’s degree student.

Oulu is a lovely and quiet city that for me seems to be within a forest. So is the university as well, surrounded by trees and green areas, the view changing every season. I Imagine it can get complicated for me in the winter, but I am looking forward to being mesmerized by the landscape.

Indoors at the always warm and colorful Linnanmaa campus, people are quite open and willing to help you. I especially like having a kummi student, a student tutor, helping me out ever since getting the acceptance letter and onto settling down properly at the university and the city.  

The LET program is in a way learning by doing. We show our achievements by portfolios, essays or presentations. Team work is essential. My classmates come from all over the world, each with a different background. We develop intercultural and teamworking skills while acquiring a wider perspective of the global educational challenges.

My journey, that I think is life-changing, has begun. In two years, I should have completed my Master’s thesis. I expect to become an international professional, confident in intercultural contexts and ready to create the technology enhanced learning tools needed in the 21st century.

Last updated: 11.11.2018