Menneet tapahtumat

17.9.2019 Event

Opening ceremony of Tellus Kontinkangas

A new Tellus will be opened in Kontinkangas this fall. Tellus is a space, in which it’s easy to organize events, study, meet people and work together.

5.9.2019 Event

University Innovation Centre Opening

Welcome to the opening of the new University Innovation Centre which creates impact by commercializing research results and enabling business collaboration.

2.9.2019 Event

Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year | University of Oulu 60 Years

This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the University of Oulu.

20.8.2019 to 23.8.2019 Event

19th International EISCAT Symposium

The University of Oulu organizes the conference “19th International EISCAT Symposium and 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods” from 19th to 23rd August 2019 at the

14.8.2019 to 18.8.2019 Event

Research Data and Humanities

Digital resources and technology are used more and more within the humanities and the social sciences.

8.8.2019 to 9.8.2019 Event

The 4th International Agriculture Innovation Conference (IAIC 2019)

The 4th International Agriculture Innovation Conference (IAIC 2019) will be held in Oulu from August 8th to 9th, 2019.

17.6.2019 to 19.6.2019 Event

12th Symposium on Cold Regions Development, ISCORD 2019

ISCORD 2019 conference will be arranged in Oulu on 17-19 June, 2019. The main theme of this interdisciplinary symposium is Sustainable Resources Management in Cold Regions.

10.6.2019 to 15.6.2019 Event

UBISS 2019 -10th International UBI Summer School

UBISS 2019 invites researchers, students, and industry and public sector professionals to gain theoretical insight and personal hands on experience on selected topics under the tutelage of distingu

6.6.2019 Event

GenZ Talks: Strengthening human capabilities in the new digital era

GenZ Talks is a series of events in which international top researchers and experts in the GenZ area will be invited to Oulu to give a talk and participate in the GenZ Hub activities.

15.5.2019 to 16.5.2019 Event

Automaatiopäivät23: The Future of Automation – Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud?

Automaatiopäivät23 is arranged by the Finnish Society of Automation (SAS) and it is the society´s most important seminar in the fields of process, factory and production automation as well as digitalization. The seminar program will contain presentations from both the industrial and the scientific worlds. The seminar will be a fantastic forum for networking between educational, research and business sectors.

13.5.2019 to 17.5.2019 Event

I4FUTURE Intensive course 2019: Methods for Image and Spectral Data Analysis and Interpretation

I4FUTURE Intensive course 2019: Methods for Image and Spectral Data Analysis and Interpretation

24.4.2019 to 26.4.2019 Event

COACT Conference 2019

Interaction and discourse in flux: Changing landscapes of everyday life

9.4.2019 Event

Biocenter Oulu Day 2019: Nature Meets Technology - The many faces of modern medicine

Welcome to the 29th Biocenter Oulu Day! The theme of the day will be ‘’Nature meets Technology: The many faces of modern medicine’’. 

4.4.2019 Event

GenZ-ArcI lecture series: Co-evolution

The two strategic profiling themes of the University of Oulu GenZ and ArcI (Arctic Interactions) organize a joint lecture series.

2.4.2019 Event

Professors´ inaugural lectures in Linnanmaa campus

Welcome to Saalastinsali to listen to the new professors´ inaugural lectures on Tuesday April 2, at 2.00pm. The event will last about 2,5 hours.

24.3.2019 to 26.3.2019 Event

First 6G Wireless Summit

University of Oulu 6G Flagship will organize this annual event first time in Finnish Lapland. Be fast and book the all-inclusive travel package to the first ever 6G Summit.

20.3.2019 Event

Northern Finland Birth Cohorts – more than 50 years of research

From the year 1965 onwards the researchers at the University of Oulu and the Oulu University Hospital have engaged with the parents and their children to study the determinants of life-long health.

13.3.2019 to 14.3.2019 Event

BioPhotonics for Healthcare workshop

The MIRACLE consortium is organizing the BioPhotonics for Healthcare workshop which is taking place at the Tellus Stage, University of Oulu.

12.3.2019 to 13.3.2019 Event

Polar Bear Pitching

What is the scariest stage you have ever been on? Polar Bear Pitching offers an easy answer to that.

12.3.2019 Event

Science Under Radar

University Innovation Centre arranges "Science Under Radar" pitching event for investors, our collaborators from industry and public organizations and media.

7.2.2019 to 9.2.2019 Event

One Arctic - One Health Conference 2019

One Arctic - One Health Conference 2019 is an integral part of Finland’s Arctic Council chairmanship program and is open to scientists, students, policy makers, businesses and all