Registration options

Students may register as:

An “absent” status can be changed into a “present” status outside annual registration period at Faculty Study Affairs.

During spring registration period in WebOodi it is possible to change registration status for spring term from "absent" to "present". Registration status "present" made during autumn term registration can be changed to "absent" during spring registration period, if the student has no study attainments from January.

Changes to autumn registration can not be made after Dec 31, nor to spring registration after May 31. If a student is granted a new study right beginning in June or July, they can register to the university during June-July. Registration need to be made before the student takes part in e.g. summer courses.

If a student graduates and registers to an academic year following the registration and has no other study rights to the university, the student's registration will be cancelled and the student notified of the matter. The same applies to students who have resigned their study right but have already registered to the following academic year.

After 1.8.2016 a student has to be registered as absent during absence on legal grounds, so that the study period is extended automatically. Extension is regarded only for those terms that a student has registered as absent during registration period.The change concerns only the absences on legal grounds that have started on 1.8.2016 or after that. Note! Registration as absent can be done only during registration period. This change that comes into force on 1.8.2016 is a way to standardize procedures between universities and polytechnic universities on extending study period for absence on legal grounds. Read more about duration of degree studies.


Last updated: 27.8.2018