Aino Isojärvi


Film Studies / Elokuvatutkimus


I am a PhD student and teacher of Film Studies. I have specialised in the intersections of children’s fiction, popular culture and gender research, and my current research interests include animation and adaptation.

In my thesis I examine Walt Disney animated feature films and their contemporary representations of family structures and ideologies, concentrating on the portrayals of parenthood, fathers and masculinity. Because of the company’s pioneer position and influential connections to the field of Hollywood film industry, a comprehensive visual, aesthetic, narrative and motion analysis of ‘Disney paternity’ reveals simultaneously various issues concerning the narrative role of fatherhood in the history of Western cinema.

I am fascinated by film history, films as historical artefacts, historical films as representations of history, and the ways in which fairy tale, fantasy or animal stories can be historicised and utilised for a discussion in a modern socio-political, cultural atmosphere. I have also explored the global commercial context of children’s film, the concept of (target) audience and merchandising, including the Disney phenomenon of live action adaptations.

Research interests

  • Animation
  • Adaptation
  • Walt Disney
  • Children's fiction
  • Children's literature
  • Fairy tales
  • Children's film
  • Film history
  • Popular culture
  • Gender research
  • Masculinity
  • Paternity


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