Anna-Maija Puroila

Anna-Maija Puroila

PhD, Lic.Soc.

Adjunct professor
Education, early childhood education

17 peer reviewed publications in international journals.


Anna-Maija Puroila has a wide range of experience in early childhood education research. She has participated in several national and international research projects with external funding. Puroila’s research interests cover institutional early childhood contexts from different angles: educators’ daily work, leadership, children’s narrated well-being, and values education. Her current research focuses on changes in Finnish legislation on early childhood education.


Research interests

  • early childhood education
  • childhood research
  • values education
  • narrative inquiry
  • politics in early childhood education


Scientific merits

  • PhD (education), University of Oulu 2002
  • Licenciate in social sciences (sociology), University of Lapland 2009
  • Adjunct professor (early childhood education), University of Tampere 2013

Research groups

  • Living Stories Research Group

Selected publications

  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Haho, Annu (2017) Moral functioning: Navigating the messy landscape of values in Finnish preschools. - Scandinavian journal of educational research 61 (5), 540-554 . [Original]
  • Viljamaa, Elina; Estola, Eila; Juutinen, Jaana; Puroila, Anna-Maija (2017) Patjakasan kutsu : yhteen tulemisia ja erilleen vetäytymisiä päiväkodissa. - Journal of Early Childhood Education Research 6 (1), 2-21 . [Original]
  • Johansson, Eva; Puroila, Anna-Maija; Emilson, Anette (2016) Values education in Nordic preschools : theory and practice. - International Journal of Early Childhood 48 (2), 133-135 . [Original]
  • Johansson, Eva; Puroila, Anna-Maija; Emilson, Anette (2016) Research project overview: Values education in Nordic preschools : basis of education for tomorrow. - International Journal of Early Childhood 48 (2), 137-139 . [Original]
  • Johansson, Eva; Emilson, Anette; Puroila, Anna-Maija; Broström, Stig; Einarsdottir, Johanna (2016) Individual and collective rights expressed in educator and child interactions in Nordic preschools. - International Journal of Early Childhood 48 (2), 209-224 . / [Original]
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Johansson, Eva; Estola, Eila; Emilson, Anette; Einarsdóttir, Johanna; Broström, Stig (2016) Interpreting values in the daily practices of Nordic preschools : a cross-cultural analysis. - International Journal of Early Childhood 48 (2), 141-159 . [Original]
  • Kinnunen, Susanna; Puroila, Anna-Maija (2016) 'If my sister was here' . the narrative in-between space in young children's photography process. - Childhood 23 (2), 236-254 . [Original]
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Estola, Eila (2014) Not babies anymore : young children's narrative identities in Finnish day care centers. - International Journal of Early Childhood 46, 187-203 . [Original]
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija (2013) Young children on the stages : small stories performed in day care centers. - Narrative inquiry 23 (2), 323-343 . http:// [Original]
  • Estola, Eila; Farquhar, Sandy; Puroila, Anna-Maija (2014) Well-being narratives and young children. - Educational Philosophy and Theory 46 (8), 929-941
  • Johanna Einarsdóttir; Puroila, Anna-Maija; Johansson, Eva; Broström, Stig; Emilson, Anette (2015) Democracy, caring and competence : values perspectives in ECEC curricula in the Nordic countries. - International Journal of Early Years Education 23 (1), 97-114 . [Original]
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Estola, Eila; Syrjälä, Leena (2012) Does Santa exist? Children's everyday narratives as dynamic meeting places in a day care centre context. - Early Child Development and Care 182 (2), 191-206
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Estola, Eila; Syrjälä, Leena (2012) Having, loving, being: children's narrated well-being in Finnish day care centres. - Early Child Development and Care 182 (3-4), 345-362
  • Puroila, Anna-Maija; Estola, Eila (2012) Lapsen hyvä elämä?. (Abstrakti (Ei KOTAan)). - Arjen hyvinvointi - onnen päivät? Abstraktikooste. -, Westermarck-seura. 61. [Original]

Thesis supervisions

Susanna Kinnunen (2015) How are you? : the narrative in-between spaces in young children's daily lives
  • Jaana Juutinen (2018) Inside or outside? : small stories about the politics of belonging in preschools. Oulu: University of Oulu.