Elina Turjanmaa



I study intergenerational effects of forced migration and family separation in the research project Postmemory of Family Separation: An Intergenerational Perspective (Academy of Finland, 2019-2023). I am a social psychologist by training with broad interest in close relationships and migration. In my previous studies, I have focused on how intergenerational and peer relations are experienced particularly among young people with migrant background. In the current project, I am responsible for the survey data collection among families with Ingrian background in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

Research interests

  • Family relationships in migration context
  • Intergenerational transmissions
  • Ingrian families
  • Migrant youth
  • Migrant generations
  • Intergroup relations

Selected Publications


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Professional and community activities

  • Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU) board’s member (secretary 2014, treasurer & blog editor-in-chief 2018, treasurer 2019), 2013 – 2019


Postmemory of Family Separation: An Intergenerational Perspective

The project examines the intergenerational memories and effects of family separation by focusing on 2nd and 3rd generation persons whose families’