Esa Törmänen

Esa Törmänen


Doctoral researcher


In my doctoral research I will examine how innovative northern education export ecosystems can be developed in regional, national and transnational contexts. As of now little research has been done on the northern/Nordic education export ecosystems, and thus there is an evident need for topical and relevant research data on top of which the cooperation between different regional, national and transnational players can be built.

By examining diverse northern education export ecosystems, my research aims at providing a holistic and realistic understanding of the development hindrances and possibilities in different contexts. It also aims to discover whether there are any universal, context-independent ecosystem characteristics that promote co-creation between members, and thus foster the creation of high-quality education services and solutions.

I'm currently examining how the PINO Network can be developed as a regional education export ecosystem.

Research interests

  • Northern/Nordic education export
  • Innovative ecosystems in regional, national and transnational contexts
  • Professional and organisational learning
  • Communities of practice
  • Transnational learning
  • Building common knowledge in systems of distributed expertise

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Research groups

  • Doctoral researcher, EDGE - Education Diversity Globalisation Ethics