Faisal Bin Ashraf

Faisal Bin Ashraf


Environmental Engineering


My study involves high resolution analysis of the impacts of changing climate and integration of different energy resources on the hydropower operations (e.g. reservoir regulation and water release patterns) in the Nordics. Due to rapidly changing energy markets in the Nordic countries (wind, solar, etc.) sub-daily flow conditions are under change within regulated river systems due to demand for adjustment energy. Hydropeaking affects especially on fish behavior and has been linked to juvenile fish mortality and maladaptive behavior in adult fishes, and failure of spawning. Rapidly changing water levels alters also recreational use e.g. stability of ice roads. PhD project also includes Modelling future NEXUS (ecosystem services, energy and climate) scenarios and developing mitigation measures of hydropeaking with a focus on the Nordic region.

Research interests

  • Integrated watershed management
  • Impact assessment and river restoration
  • Hydro-climatological modelling
  • Energy, water and ecosystem services NEXUS