Hamideh Saadatmanesh



I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie early stage researcher (ESR 13) within the LNETN project. My research theme is 'Legitimation of Newness in Modern and Traditional Contexts'.

I received my EMBA from University of Isfahan, Iran and BSc in Computer Engineering from University of Yazd, Iran.

I am employed by the University of Oulu’s Martti Ahtisaari Institute in Finland. My supervisory team consists of Minna Pikkarainen (UOULU, host), Niall G MacKenzie (GU), Jari Partanen (BITT). The title of my PhD resaerch is DAWN OF THE HUMAN-CENTRIC PERSONAL DATA MARKET.

In my PhD research, I explore how new business ecosystems and human-centric personal data co-emerge and are co-legitimated. The research will study emergence and legitimation of practices, dynamics, and business models of the new business ecosystems in the context of new market of human-centric personal data. It will enhance understanding of traditional and new, modern institutions, opportunities, barriers, practices, and business models that can be identified within and across newlly emergent ecosystems.

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