Jan Hermes

Jan Hermes


Assistant Professor


I'm intrigued by societies in change. My main research focus is on the praxis of seemingly mundane human work and how this work affects/is affected by a society's institutional framework. What comes to the consequences of societal change, I center my research and teaching efforts on the economic, social and environmental responsibility of corporate actors. The education of future business experts with a responsibility mindset is to me a matter of personal importance.

Research interests

  • Practices in institutional change
  • Responsible management education
  • Business responsibility


Social media

Selected publications

  • Haapanen, Lauri; Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia; Hermes, Jan (2018) Firm functions and the nature of competitive advantage in internationalizing SMEs. - International journal of innovation management 22 (3), 1850022 . [Original]
  • Hermes, Jan W. S.; Mainela, Tuija (2014) Mobilizing crisis management networks - entrepreneurial behavior inturbulent contexts. - Industrial Marketing Management 43 (6; SI), 967-976
  • Hermes, Jan (2016) Rendezvous in turbulent times : about the becoming of institution-changing networks in Myanmar/Burma. - Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Series G, Oeconomica 81. Oulu. Artikkeliväitöskirja. 118. [Original]
  • Hermes, Jan; Rimanoczy, Isabel (2018) Deep learning for a sustainability mindset. - International journal of management education 16 (3), 460-467 . [Original]

Research visits

  • Institutional work for peace in Myanmar/Burma
    3.7.2017 to 31.10.2017

    4-month research visit at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization, Denmark.
    Topic: heterogeneity of intentionality in institutional work

  • Practice-based institutional work
    16.7.2018 to 30.9.2018

    2.5-month research visit at Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization, University of Warsaw, Poland.
    Topic: institutional work as multimodal, unintended practice of meaning translation