Janne Koivisto

Janne T. Koivisto

D.Sc.(Tech.), M.Sc.(Tech.)

Post doctoral researcher
Hydrogel expert

16 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 94 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 24 citations. The author has a h-index of 6.00. (Web of Science 2020-06-15)


Janne Koivisto received his M.Sc.(Tech.) degree on Materials Science and Engineering from the BioMediTech Institute of Tampere University of Technology, majoring in Biomaterials. His master's thesis Janne did on "Differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into peripheral neural cells"  in the University of Tampere in Prof. Katriina Aalto-Setälä's Heart Group. After graduation, he continued from project researcher to doctoral studies under Prof. Minna Kellomäki in the Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Research Group, while also maintaining a position in the Heart Group. He defended his doctoral dissertation in November 2019 in Tampere University, on the topic Development and characterization of gellan gum based hydrogels for soft tissue engineering applications.

At the moment he is working as a post doctoral researcher under Adjunct Prof. Gabriela Lorite in the Microelectronics Research Unit in University of Oulu. His aim is to bring the hydrogel and biomaterial knowledged learned during the doctoral studies to help his new research group and to learn more on material characterization and production methods, specifically on the nanoscale.

Research interests

  • Hydrogels
  • Stem cells
  • 3D Cell Culture
  • Mechanical & Rheological testing
  • Materials Characterization


Social media

Professional and community activities

  • European Society of Biomaterials, Young Scientist Forum, National Chapter Representative of Finland
  • Founding board member of Tampere Materials Alumni Association
  • Scandinavian Society of Biomaterials, Auditor 2020-2021

Thesis supervisions

M.Sc. Thesis (in Tampere University of Technology)
  • Laura Salonen (2014): Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels

  • Jette-Britt Naams (2016): A Rapid Cell Culture Protocol for Screening Material Cytocompatibility

  • Christine Gering (2016): Functionalization of the Polysaccharide Hydrogel Gellan Gum for Tissue Engineering Applications

B.Sc. Thesis (in Tampere University of Technology)
  • Anni Junnila (2014): Alustan Mekaanisten Ominaisuuksien Vaikutus Solujen Kasvuun

  • Hanna Kemppi (2015): Astrosyyttien Erilaistaminen In Vitro Ihmisen Pluripotenteista Kantasoluista

  • Jette-Britt Naams (2015): Laminiinin Vuorovaikutukset Integriinin kanssa Hermo- ja Hermotukisoluissa

  • Olli Etelätalo (2016): Sydänlihaksen Kaltaisen Kudoksen Kasvattaminen Tekstiilitekniikalla

  • Ria Makkonen (2018): Hydrogeelien Mikrorakenteen, Huokoisuuden ja Diffuusion Tutkimusmenetelmät

  • Jenna Suoranta (2019): Sähköisesti Aktiivisten Solujen Elektrofysiologisen Toiminnan Mittaus 3D-Hydrogeelissä