Jenni Kiventerä

Jenni Kiventerä


Postdoctoral Researcher

5 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 79 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 42 citations. The author has a h-index of 4.00. (Google scholar)


Kiventerä is working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Fiber and Particle Engineering Unit. She started as a doctoral student in the unit in 2014 working with the stabilization of sulfidic mine tailings with different treatment methods focusing on the heavy metal and sulphide immobilization. She finalized her doctoral thesis 2019. Her current research interests are the immobilization of industrial waste materials by different solidification/stabilization methods such as alkali-activation and ettringite formation. The main focus is to find an environmentally friendly and safe technologies for different industrial residues mainly for the sulfidic mine tailings.




Research interests

  • Waste recycling
  • Heavy metal stabilization
  • Geopolymers
  • Sulfidic mine tailings

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Scientific merits

Research groups

  • Doctoral student, Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit

Selected publications

  • Kiventerä, Jenni; Lancellotti, Isabella; Catauro, Michelina; Dal Poggetto, Francesco; Leonelli, Cristina; Illikainen, Mirja (2018) Alkali activation as new option for gold mine tailings inertization. - Journal of Cleaner Production 187, 76-84 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Kiventerä, Jenni; Sreenivasan, Harisankar; Cheeseman, Christopher; Kinnunen, Päivö; Illikainen, Mirja (2018) Immobilization of sulfates and heavy metals in gold mine tailings by sodium silicate and hydrated lime. - Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (5), 6530-6536 . [Original]
  • Lancellotti, I.; Kiventerä, J.; Catauro, M.; Poggetto, F.D.; Illikainen, M.  (2018) Inertization of Mine Tailing via Cold Consolidation in Geopolymer Matrix. - Key Engineering Materials 761, 31-34 . [Original]
  • Lancellotti, Isabella; Kiventerä, Jenni; Catauro, Michelina; Dal Poggetto, Francesco; Illikainen, Mirja; Leonelli, Cristina (2016) Inertization of mine tailing via cold consolidation in geopolymer matrix. (Artikkeli ammatillisessa konferenssijulkaisussa). - AICIng 2016 : Atti del X Convegno Nazionale dell'Associazione Italiana di Chimica per Ingegneria, Udine, 11 - 14 Settembre 2016. Tolazzi, Marilena; Melchior, Andrew. Ei sarjaa/No series. 120-121
  • Kiventerä, Jenni; Golek, Lukasz; Yliniemi, Juho; Ferreira, Victor; Deja, Jan; Illikainen, Mirja (2016) Utilization of sulphidic tailings from gold mine as a raw material in geopolymerization. - International journal of mineral processing 149, 104-110 . [Original]
  • Kiventerä, Jenni; Leiviskä, Tiina; Keski-Ruismäki, Kirsi; Tanskanen, Juha (2016) Characteristics and settling behaviour of particles from blast furnace flue gas washing. - Journal of Environmental Management 172, 162-170 . [Original]

Thesis supervisions

Removing of water soluble components from the ash
  • Bachelor thesis, Juho Isometsä 2017

Environmentally friendly materials from aluminosilicate and cellulose
  • Master thesis, Marco Rustichelli 2016

Alkali activated desulphurization slag
    • Master thesis, Delphine Traisnel 2016
Stabilization of sulfidic mine tailings by CSAB cement
  • Master thesis, Vinay Shekar 2020

Research visits

  • 1.2.2016 to 31.5.2019

    University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italia