Johanna Sitomaniemi-San


Post-doctoral researcher
curriculum studies; cultural studies in education


I received my PhD in 2015 and have since worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My current post-doctoral research project is located within the interdisciplinary field of curriculum studies; more specifically, at the intersections of education, history, and geography. The project examines the past and present of 'curiosity' as a Western notion and contemporary ideal, and has been funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation (2017), the Finnish Foundations' Post Doc Pool (2017-2019), and the Academy of Finland (2018-2021).

My dissertation, 'Fabricating the teacher as researcher: A genealogy of academic teacher education in Finland,' examined how the Finnish teacher is produced and governed through 'pedagogized' notions of research and how teacher autonomy in Finland is bound to idea(l)s of teaching in and for the nation.

Research interests

  • educational theory / curriculum theory
  • history of education & childhood
  • history of science
  • genealogy
  • post-colonial studies
  • interdisciplinarity
  • cultures of curiosity, wonder, inquiry, exploration, discovery, adventure
  • teacher education


Professional and community activities

  • Member of Editorial Board, Kasvatus & Aika

Research groups

  • LAPANEN Northern Research Group for History of Childhood and Education

Research visits


How we became curious, curiosity

Dividing the World through Wonder: How We Became Curious

This research project originates from an interest in the current unreserved belief in curiosity in Western societies.