Katrin Korkalainen


Ph.D. researcher
Anglo-American literature


I am a Ph.D. researcher in English Philology in the Literature and Languages unit at the Faculty of Humanities. My research focuses on the immigrant writer Anzia Yezierska and, in a wider context, on late 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, culture, history, and film. I have a general interest in Anglo-American literature, Imagology (image studies), sensory perceptions, time and space in literature, cross-cultural studies and identity, and realism. I also closely follow recent trends and developments in the field of literature.

I also work as an English language teacher at the Oulu University Extension School (Languages and Communication unit).

Research interests

  • Anglo-American literature, culture, and history
  • Jewish-American immigrant literature and history
  • American Women Literature
  • Anzia Yezierska
  • Biography
  • Cultural Imagology

Scientific merits

Selected publications

  • Korkalainen Katrin (2010) "The Waiting Man Thinks the Time Long": Subjective Time and the Depiction of Emotions, Attitudes and Character in James Joyce's Dubliners. James Joyce and After: Writer and Time. Bazarnik, Katarzyna; Kucała, Bożena (eds.). Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 75-88
  • Korkalainen Katrin (2010) Educating the Stranger: Responses to the Thought of John Dewey and His Contemporaries in Anzia Yezierska's Immigrant Writings. (Abstrakti (Ei KOTAan)). - NAES-FINSSE 2010: English in the North. Conference Abstracts. Anthony Johnson, Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen, Jaakko Saarela. Oulu, University of Oulu. 52
  • Korkalainen, Katrin (2015) Worried over trifles? Female perspectives on justice in the fiction of three new woman writers. (Abstrakti (Ei KOTAan)). - American Values: Public Virtues, Private Vices? The 24th Biennial NAAS Conference on North American Studies. Conference Program & Abstracts. Ei sarjaa/No series. Oulu. 19-20