Lauri Tuovinen

Lauri Tuovinen


Postdoctoral Researcher


Since I completed my Doctor of Science degree at the ITEE Faculty of the University of Oulu in 2014, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher in the faculty's BISG research unit, DataAI research group. Unlike most other DataAI members, my educational background is in computer science, and I have approached our research problems primarily from the perspective of the processes and architectures that enable efficient implementation and deployment of data mining solutions. I'm also interested in ethical and epistemological issues related to data mining and knowledge discovery.

Research interests

  • Data mining and knowledge discovery
  • Data management and knowledge representation
  • Architectures of intelligent systems
  • Information security and privacy
  • Philosophy of computing

Research vision

The idea of a computer as a machine capable of possessing and creating knowledge is a fascinating but also a challenging one. The challenges are both technical and philosophical in nature, and therefore a cross-disciplinary approach is necessary in order to solve them. In the traditional process of knowledge discovery in data, computers have the role of a passive tool, but as their artificial intelligence capacities advance, they will be able to function more and more as active collaborators. This altering of roles is going to have a fundamental impact on the flow of the process and also on its theoretical foundation, as expert tasks involving problem analysis, solution design and interpretation of results, which until now have been exclusively human responsibilities, are delegated to software. The overarching theme of my research is studying the requirements of this change, beginning with the conception of knowledge underlying the knowledge discovery process and how to represent it in a machine-understandable form. Meanwhile, I'm also studying the ethical constraints of knowledge discovery, particularly those that stem from privacy concerns in the processing of personal data, and looking for ways to incorporate them in the process as a seamless and integral element.


521156S Towards Data Mining

  • Data ethics, data security, privacy and open data
  • Data management and databases

Research visits

  • Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland
    1.2.2018 to 31.1.2020

    The Insight Centre is a joint effort of four Irish universities along with other partner organisations, carrying out basic and applied research with a broad scope in the area of data analytics. In 2017, I was awarded a two-year research fellowship by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme of the European Commission, which i will spend working in the research group of Professor Alan Smeaton at Dublin City University, one of the member universities of Insight. During the fellowship, I will study knowledge discovery as a collaborative process, with the ultimate aim of developing a software platform that enables the human participants of the process to work together with one another, and in the future also with intelligent software agents.