Lukasz Surazynski

Lukasz Surazynski


M.Sc. (M. Eng.)
Electronics and Telecommunication, Biomedical Engineering


  • Doctoral Student at MIPT

Current research interests

  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy
  • Optical-based measurements and systems
  • Non-invasive sensing
  • Applied optics and electronics
  • Analog and digital electronics

Previous work experience

  • Research Assistant at Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Laboratory (Oulu, Finland)
  • Research Assistant at Gdansk University of Technology (Gdansk, Poland)


  • Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering (Signal and Image Processing)
  • Master of Science Degree in Engineering (Optoelectronics)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication