Maria Petäjäniemi


Doctoral student


My PhD-research focuses on asylum seekers’ everyday lives in Northern Finland. I am interested in the implicit discursive norms regarding people positioned as asylum seekers. The purpose of the research is to produce new, longitudinal knowledge about the everyday experiences of young men seeking asylum.

Research interests

  • Refugee and Migration studies
  • Poststructural and postqualitative theories
  • Asylum seeker subjectivity
  • Waiting and liminality
  • Social participation

Research groups

EDGE - Education, Diversity, Globalisation and Ethics

Living Relations -Research Community


Petäjäniemi, Maria; Kaukko, Mervi; Lanas, Maija (2020). Confined in waiting: Young asylum seekers narrating in and out of temporary shelter. YOUNG,

Petäjäniemi, Maria; Lanas, Maija; Kaukko, Mervi (2018). Osallisuus turvaa hakevan reunaehdoissa - Hätämajoitusyksikössä asuvien nuorten turvapaikanhakijamiesten kertomuksia arjesta. Aikuiskasvatus 38 (1), 4-17.