Marjukka Käsmä

Marjukka Käsmä


Project Coordinator


In my dissertation I studied how game culture social practices emerge and affect the participation of players in a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. The dissertation was funded by the Eudaimonia doctoral program and the Faculty of Humanities. My approach was (auto)ethnographic and nexus analytical, and informed by an intersectional view of feminism.

I am also currently involved in a project looking at learning through technology-related project work in a school setting. The topics of interest under that broader theme include the layered nature of formal/informal learning situations and the emergence of meaningful learning.



Research interests

  • nexus analysis
  • accessibility of online interaction
  • intersectional feminism
  • technology-rich everyday life

Funded research projects

Life in the margins of a virtual world - structures of marginalization in World of Warcraft (dissertation)

Publications and presentations

Kuure, L.; Kälkäjä, S. & Käsmä, M. 2017. Fluid layers of formality in a school setting. Paper presented at AFinLA 2017 Autum Symposium. November 11, Turku, Finland.

Kuure, L.; Kälkäjä, S. & Käsmä, M. 2017. Merging the formal and the informal: language learning and game design. Paper presented at AILA 2017 World Congress. July 23-28, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Käsmä, M. 2017. Social Anxiety in a Virtual World. Paper presented at AILA 2017 World Congress. July 23-28, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Käsmä, M. 2016. On Researching Discriminatory Social Constructs Online using Nexus Analysis. Paper presented at XLIII Annual Conference of Linguistics. May 27, Oulu, Finland.

Käsmä, M. 2016. On Social Anxiety and World of Warcraft. Paper presented at NorDisCo 2016. November 24, Oslo, Norway.

Käsmä, M. 2016. Why do players experience social anxiety in a virtual world? Poster presented at DiGRA 2016. August 1, Dundee, Great Britain.

Käsmä, M. 2015. Social Anxiety and Participating in a Changing Game World. Poster presented at  AFinLa Autumn Symposium. November 14, Helsinki, Finland.

Käsmä, M. 2014. Social Practices of Gender Discrimination in World of Warcraft Player Culture. Paper presented at NorDisCo 2014, the Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction. November 12-14, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Käsmä, M. 2014. Gender, players and the perceived lack of skillful participation in gaming. Poster session presented at Complexity of (inter)action symposium. October 9-11, Oulu, Finland.

Research groups

Professional and community activities

  • 'Multimodality in (Inter)Action' Langnet theme group leader (2016-2018)