Markku Ohenoja

D.Sc. (Tech.)

Postdoctoral researcher


I have been working in the area of process engineering in Control Engineering Group for over ten years and received my doctorate in 2016. My research work has focused on process modeling and simulation, control design, and process optimization in number of collaborative research projects with application areas consisting of chemical processes, water treatment, fuel cells, papermaking, and mineral beneficiation. The current activities are related to digitalization in industrial processes.

Research interests

  • Process optimization
  • Digital twins
  • Machine learning

Selected publications

  • Ohenoja, Markku; Boodhoo, Kamelia; Reay, David; Paavola, Marko; Leiviskä, Kauko (2018) Process control in intensified continuous solids handling. - Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 131, 59-69 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ohenoja Markku, Leiviskä Kauko (2010) Validation of genetic algorithm results in a fuel cell model. - International journal of hydrogen energy 35 (22), 12618-12625
  • Ohenoja, Markku; Sorsa, Aki; Leiviskä, Kauko (2018) Model structure optimization for fuel cell polarization curves. - Computers 7 (4), 60 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ohenoja, Markku; Ruusunen, Mika; Leiviskä, Kauko (2019) Hierarchical Control of an Integrated Fuel Processing and Fuel Cell System. - Materials 12 (1), 21 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ohenoja,Markku; Leiviskä, Kauko (2016) Performance evaluation of CD and MD control strategies utilizing image-based measurements. - Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 31 (3), 479-490 . [Original]



OXILATE - Operational eXcellence by Integrating Learned information into AcTionable Expertise

OXILATE -project belongs to a EUREKA strategic ICT cluster programme (ITEA3) having project partners in four countries.

Improve biorefinery operations through process intensification and new end products - BioSPRINT

BioSPRINT applies process intensification in the context of biorefining operations, so as to improve the efficiency of the purification and convers