Paula Vieresjoki



I am working as a doctoral researcher in the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management. In my dissertation I am researching the Coaching Based Leadership in the health sector. The constant change within the working environment in health care is very challenging. There is a demand for new ways to support the well-being at work for leaders and other professionals in the health sector and to develop the quality of leadership.

I´m eager to do my part in creating a better working life. The knowledge of management and organizational theory help me to understand the way organizations work and how to develop leadership skills as required. I am able to utilize my wide understanding of worklife well being and human behaviour in the development of leadership and work community.

In addition to well-being at work and leadership some of my research interests include digitalization of health services, value creation, service dominant logics and co-creation and co-development. 

Research interests

  • leadership
  • work well-being
  • coaching
  • value cocreation
  • digitalization

Research groups

  • HealthManagement