Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen

Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen



68 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 2745 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 312 citations. The author has a h-index of 25.00. (Google Scholar)


Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen is a Professor of Marketing (esp. International Business) and an Adjunct Professor (Knowledge management) at Lappeenranta University of Technology. She has published over 60 articles in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Industrial and Corporate Change. She has written book chapters, over 140 conference papers, and other scientific and managerial publications. Most of her research involves innovation management and appropriability in contexts like internationalization and interorganizational collaboration.

Research interests

  • Innovation
  • Interorganizational collaboration
  • Networks
  • Appropriability
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Management
  • International business
  • Knowledge management

Research project leadership/management

  • Leader of a work package (WP1), Systemic and Human Empowerment in the RevoLution Of Health Care (SHERLOCK) 2018-2021, (1 post doc position, 2 doctoral students), Eudaimonia Institute, University of Oulu
  • Research group/Project director, IAA2018 Innovation Appropriability and Appropriation – Changes and dynamics, past events and present opportunities, Martti Ahtisaari Institute, 2016-2018
  • Project director, Developing Humour as a Strategic Tool for Creating Innovative Business (Huumorista työkaluja innovatiiviseen liiketoimintaan; HURMOS) Tekes, OBS, OAMK, 01 Mar 2015 – 31 Sep 2017.
  • Project manager, Managing paradoxes of network economy (InnoSpring JANUS) Tekes, LUT, 01 Jul 2007 – 30 Sep 2009 (Official director role not possible)
  • Project manager, Aineettoman omaisuuden merkitys ja johtaminen verkostoissa (JANUS-survey) Tekes, LUT, 20 Nov 2008-30 Sep 2009 (Official leader role not possible)
  • Project manager, Metsäteollisuuden globaali murros ja strategiahaasteet (GAME GLOBAL) Tekes, LUT, 01 Oct 2005 – 31 Dec 2006 (Official leader role not possible)
  • Project manager, Intangible Assets and Firm Performance (LAPPEENRANTA-Survey) Tekes, LUT, 2003 - 2005 (Official leader role not possible)

Researcher in Projects

  • Aloittavien yritysten innovaatioiden kansainvälinen kaupallistaminen – ongelmat, parhaat käytänteet ja yliopistojen optimaalinen rooli (IKK, University of Oulu; Commercialization of the innovations of start-up companies – problems, best practices and the optimal role of universities) 1.10.2012 (1.12.2012) – 30.06.2013)
  • InnoSpring – Collaborative innovation: networks, architecture, culture, pilots and metrics (INNOSPRING) (Tekes, LUT) 01.09.2004 – 31.05.2005
  • Collaboration Capability and Virtual Team Management as Critical Issues in a Network Economy (VIRTUE) (Tekes, LUT) December 2003 – June 2004
  • Growth and Internationalization Strategies of Infocom SMEs - Business Models, Cooperation, Resources and Intellectual Property Rights. (BORN GLOBAL) (Tekes, LUT) January 2001 - December 2002 (July 2003)
  • Co-operation Between Service Providing SMEs and Operator in Telecommunication Sector. (PARTNERSHIP) (Tekes, LUT) May 1999 - March 2001

Invited expert in Projects

  • Capturing opportunities and co-creating value in the digital economy – Toward dynamic expert teams (InnoSpring Catch) 2015-2016
  • Innovation Mill –hankkeen evaluointi (IMHE_1) 2012-2013 (Tekes, Oulun yliopisto) (Evaluation of the Innovation Mill-project)
  • Tuotetiedon jakaminen ja suojaaminen globaaleissa arvoverkostoissa – Protecting and sharing product-related knowledge in global value networks (INNOSPRING KNOWLEDGE PROTECTION & SHARING) 2011 – 2013 (Tekes, LUT)
  • Corporate Rebranding – (CoBra) 2008-2009 (Tekes, Oulun yliopisto)
  • Uudistuva liiketoiminta ja johtaminen - Global network management in knowledge-intensive firms (GLOBAL NETWORK MANAGEMENT) 2005 – 2007 (Tekes, LUT)
  • Knowledge creation in collaborative innovation and networked R&D (INNOSPRING ACCESS) 2005 – 2007 (Tekes, LUT)

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • Director of Doctoral Training Programme, Oulu Business School
  • Member of Doctoral training committee for Human Sciences
  • Member of education committee of Oulu Business School
  • Guest editor (e.g., International Journal of Technology Management)
  • Member of editorial board (e.g. Industrial Marketing Management)
  • (Ad hoc) Reviewer (e.g. Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies, Technovation,...)
  • Member of ISPIM scientific panel
  • Chairman of the Board, Urheiluhullu Ltd
  • Vice member of the board, SL Sport Ltd

Selected publications

  • Hurmelinna, Pia (2018) Exiting and entering relationships: A framework for re-encounters in business networks. - Industrial marketing management 70, 113-127 . https://doi.org/10.1016/j.indmarman.2017.07.010. [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen (2012) Constituents and outcomes of absorptive capacity – Appropriability regime changing the game. - Management Decision 50 (7), 1178 – 1199
  • Ritala, Paavo; Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia (2013) Incremental and radical innovation in coopetition – the role of absorptive capacity and appropriability. - Journal of Product Innovation Management 30 (1), 154-169
  • Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Paavo Ritala (2010) Protection for Profiting from Collaborative Service Innovation. - Journal of Service Management 21 (1), 6-24
  • Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia; Olander, Heidi (2014) Coping with rivals' absorptive capacity in innovation activities. - Technovation 34 (1), 3-11
  • Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia; Sainio, L-M. & Jauhiainen, T. (2008) Appropriability regime for radical and incremental innovations. - R&D Management 38 (3), 278-289
  • Ritala Paavo, Hurmelinna-Laukkanen Pia (2009) What's in it for me? Creating and appropriating value in innovation-related cooperation. - Technovation 29, 819-828
  • Ritala, Paavo; Heiman, Bruce; Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia (2016) The need for speed : unfamiliar problems, capability rigidity, and ad hoc processes in organizations. - Industrial and corporate change 25 (5), 757-777 . [Original]
  • Henttonen, Kaisa; Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia; Ritala, Paavo (2016) Managing the appropriability of R&D collaboration. - R&D Management 46 (S1), 145-158 . [Original]
  • Hurmelinna-Laukkanen Pia (2009) The availablity, strength and efficiency of appropriability mechanisms - protecting investments in knowledge creation. - Int. J. Technology Management 45 (3/4), 282-290
  • Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia (2014) Appropriability Regimes in the International Playground for Innovation. - European Journal of International Management 8 (6), 621-643
  • Nätti, Satu; Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Pia; Johnston, Wesley J. (2014) Absorptive capacity and network orchestration in innovation communities : promoting service innovation. - Journal of business & industrial marketing 29 (2), 173-184

Thesis supervisions

  • Haapanen, Lauri; University of Oulu (2017)

  • Iivari, Marika; University of Oulu (2016)

  • Olander, Heidi; Lappeenranta University of Technology (2011; second supervisor)

  • Ongoing doctoral thesis supervision: 5 (primary supervision) + 3 (supervisor); Follow-up group chair/ member: 5

  • Supervised Master's theses: about 60

  • Supervised Bachelor's theses: 124

Research visits

  • University of Lisbon (ISEG)

    Porto, Portugal, (two weeks), June 2016; Host Jorge F.S. Gomes

  • San Francisco State University

    USA, (one week), September 2007; Host Bruce Heiman

  • San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley

    USA, (two weeks), February 2007; Host Bruce Heiman

  • University of California, Berkeley

    Visiting Scholar, School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS), HAAS, Boalt, USA, (three months), Aug-Oct 2004