Salla Kangas

Salla Kangas


Postdoctoral researcher
Cellular neurobiology and myelination


I work as a Post Doc doing basic research in Uusimaa & Hinttala research group that focuses on novel pediatric neurological diseases. My background is in biochemistry and cell biology. We aim to reveal patomechanisms behind formerly unknown diseases in the level of protein functions and networks by using cell biology, proteomics and transcriptomics approaches. Genes with harmful variants are identified by exome sequencing from the patients. One of my tasks is to set up patient-derived induced stem (iPS) cell lines that allows studying the phenotypes of disease-relevant cell types such as neurons. My expertese is cell biology of myelin formation and maintenance.

Research interests

  • myelin
  • white matter disorders
  • neurobiology
  • glial cells
  • induced pluripotent stem cells


Research groups

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Pediatric neurology

Selected publications

  • Kangas, Salla M.; Ohlmeier, Steffen; Sormunen, Raija; Jouhilahti, Eeva-Mari; Peltonen, Sirkku; Peltonen, Juha; Heape, Anthony M. (2016) An approach to comprehensive genome and proteome expression analyses in Schwann cells and neurons during peripheral nerve myelin formation. - Journal of Neurochemistry 138 (6), 830-844 . [Original]
  • Päiväläinen, Satu; Nissinen, Marja; Honkanen, Henrika; Lahti, Outi; Kangas, Salla Maria; Peltonen, J.; Peltonen, S.; Heape, Anthony Martin (2008) Myelination in mouse dorsal root ganglion/Schwann cell cocultures. - Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 37, 568-578
  • Honkanen, Henrika; Lahti, Outi; Nissinen, Marja; Myllylä, Riina M.; Kangas, Salla; Päiväläinen, Satu; Alanne, M. H.; Peltonen, S.; Peltonen, J.; Heape, Anthony M. (2007) Isolation, purification and expansion of myelination-competent, neonatal mouse Schwann cells. - European journal of neuroscience 26, 953-964