Sinikka Moilanen

Sinikka Moilanen


University Lecturer
Management Accounting


I currently work as University Lecturer in Accounting at Oulu Business School (OBS). My research interests cover different perspectives on management control systems such as compensation systems for employees and controls in inter-organizational relationships, such as shared service centers and outsourced accounting. I am also interested in pedagogical issues, and a research project of mine covers learning in case-based accounting assignments. I am the director of the Master’s Programs of OBS.

Research interests

  • Management control systems
  • Inter-organizational controls
  • Compensation systems for employees
  • Centralizing and outsourcing accounting
  • Accounting education

Selected publications

  • Moilanen, Sinikka; Ikäheimo, Seppo (2019) Managerial intentions for and employee perceptions of group-based incentives : Social exchange theory-based interpretations. - Journal of accounting and organisational change 15 (4), 605-625 . [Original] [Self-archived]
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  • Zarzycka, Ewelina; Dobroszek, Justyna; Lepistö, Lauri; Moilanen, Sinikka (2019) Coexistence of innovation and standardization: evidence from the lean environment of business process outsourcing. - Journal of management control first online, first online . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Lepistö, Lauri; Dobroszek, Justyna; Moilanen, Sinikka; Zarzycka, Ewelina (2018) Being a management accountant in a shared services centre. - Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change 14 (4), 492-512 . [Original] [Self-archived]
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